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Launching 2024

At Unifi we are simplifying complexities in the global business landscape by transforming corporate success into societal benefits, guiding businesses in their quest to leave a lasting, positive impact on the world.

This is more than a technology platform; it’s a movement towards a more integrated, responsible, and legacy-focused business environment. By bridging gaps and clarifying paths, Unifi is helping shape a future where businesses don’t just thrive financially but also contribute meaningfully to global progress.

We hope you’re doing the same.

We find our purpose in unlocking meaning to help leading companies leverage their value for a positive legacy. 


We provide organizations with the tools to interpret and utilise their vast resources and data in ways that contribute to the common good, while still maximising shareholder value - Moving from having data to understanding your Return on Responsible Investment.

Unifi is about creating connection.

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21 Limpopo Road, Johannesburg, Emmarentia, Randburg, 


71-75 Shelton Street, London, 
Convent Garden, 


From data to returns

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